Why Ammroc

Across AMMROC, we work to accelerate the innovation and adoption of advanced technologies – and put them to work for the good of humanity. We’ve placed a particular focus on six of the most disruptive: artificial intelligence, autonomous capabilities, cryptography, directed energy, quantum computing and secure communications.

At AMMROC, we are seeking to transform industries worldwide, beginning with the defence and security sector. We are making significant financial commitments to our people, resources and R&D. We are investing heavily in joint research and collaboration with the world’s leading universities and research centres. Across all this work is an environment that gives our teams the freedom to innovate.

Your Opportunity


At AMMROC, you’ll be working at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Surrounded by a truly global team, you’ll be immersed in the best ideas and the freshest insights from around the globe, with exposure to new challenges and innovative approaches, driving your understanding - and your career.

We’ve got no outdated systems or structures. So you’ll be able to shape your future – and ours - with the freedom and resources you need to build advanced technologies and disrupt entire sectors.

Our commitment to being disruptive, agile and bold isn’t just a reflection of our mission. It’s an open invitation to our employees to approach their careers and work at AMMROC with the same mindset.

Your Colleagues


One of the many benefits of being part of AMMROC is being surrounded by a diverse group of peers from across the globe. Every employee is one of the most accomplished, ambitious and visionary professionals in their fields.

By working with high-performance people from all types of backgrounds, you’ll be able to learn and achieve more - building skills and making progress, while enjoying the company of great people who share your sense of adventure.

Your Work


At AMMROC, you will be working on advanced technologies disrupting defence, security and beyond. It’s important and rewarding work that helps make the world more secure. While much of our current focus is on defence and security, we know that the technologies we develop and evolve will also deliver enormous benefits to the civilian economy. This creates opportunities to pursue work with a meaningful purpose across many different applications.

Our Culture



Disruption means empowering you to succeed in projects that make a difference worldwide. It means unleashing your experience and your initiative. And it means operating differently, with no legacy products, technologies or policies to hold you back – just an open invitation to innovate.



We encourage considered risk-taking, a lean structure, personal initiative and nimble decision-making. The result is an exceptional freedom to create, innovate and contribute to the future. One that you won’t find elsewhere.



We know that the right team means everything to your success. That’s why we work hard to make sure you’re surrounded by talented colleagues and teams. We have no bureaucracies or legacy structures, just great people working together to achieve clear missions and goals.



Diversity helps innovation to flourish, fed by the free flow of ideas, backgrounds and experiences. The UAE – perfectly located between East and West, North and South – recognises this. So do we. That’s why we welcome exceptional talent from across the globe.




In addition to pay that’s at the top of the industry, our compensation programme includes a generous holiday policy.  We also provide a housing allowance, comprehensive medical insurance, paid annual leave, flight tickets and other benefits.

Training and Development


With advanced technology at our core, we stimulate an environment of continuous learning. While you’ll learn lots from your work and your colleagues, we also provide a world-class programme of in-house and external training and professional development, including international opportunities.

Health and Wellbeing


At AMMROC, we provide comprehensive health insurance and support a healthy work-life balance. We organise health check-ups and healthy living campaigns, and encourage individual and group sport activities.

About The UAE

About The UAE

The UAE – United Arab Emirates – is an ultra-modern country on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula, comprising seven different emirates. Abu Dhabi is the capital. Founded in 1971, the nation has undergone a transformational evolution over almost 50 years of growth and development. As a leading international crossroads, it is now home to more than 9.5 million people, with a reputation for the warmth of its welcome. The UAE has the second-largest economy (after Saudi Arabia) among the six Gulf Cooperation Council nations and has a truly cosmopolitan outlook.

About Abu Dhabi


As the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a city of nearly 2 million people. In all, people of more than 175 nationalities live in the Emirate – which is geographically the largest of the UAE’s emirates. It also is home to the country’s vast oil and gas reserves. A regional centre of finance, commerce, tourism and culture, Abu Dhabi hosts international names such as Louvre, New York University, Paris Sorbonne, Ferrari and Guggenheim.

One of the safest cities in the world, Abu Dhabi is a comfortable and easy place to live, offering countless opportunities, whether you are single, married or have children.

From soaring mountains and endless ochre-tinged deserts to sparkling blue seas and white sandy beaches, Abu Dhabi offers enormous outdoor choices. Cultural opportunities abound, from concert series, art programmes and museums to traditional markets, cultural festivals, amusement parks and shopping malls. What’s more, the many attractions of Dubai are just 90 minutes away via a modern expressway.


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