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As a centre of excellence in aviation engineering, we have an entire suite of technical support services. We achieve this by continuously innovating and building skills and technical support capabilities to service future needs. Our support capabilities include full fleet planning, configuration control, technical training, procurement, logistics, component pooling, and fleet monitoring and management across multiple aircraft platform types. These help us deliver the highest calibre of aircraft readiness, deployability, safety, and efficiency. Our technical support and training include:

  • End-to-end fleet maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Efficient air frames, engines, components, and technical materials management
  • Strong OEM relationships
  • World-class aircraft and infrastructure support across multiple platforms
  • Performance-based logistics expertise
  • Thorough technical training services
  • Dedicated airside training academy that can accommodate over 300 people
  • Instructor-led on-the-job training that is instructor-led with computer-based simulation, conducted in our industrial environment
  • Customised training programmes across a wide range of aviation industry disciplines
  • Continuous improvement programs using Lean Six Sigma and other contemporary tools
  • Proven worldwide sustainment-engineering and systems-integration capabilities